Summer Attire

Summer Attire

Summer is finally here in New York City and the temperature is going up! You know what that means...right? Clothes are coming off. (Literally)

As the season keeps getting hotter it is time to start approaching lighter and breathable fabrics. For me during this season I have a go-to look.


Alright, let me break this down. I love to wear button up shirts (they can be short or long sleeves). Preferably linen or cotton is a must during this season. I’m very picky with my prints so I usually only go for something simple/minimal. Vertical stripes, palm trees and/or sometimes flowers. The more simple it is...the better (in my opinion).

For my bottoms, they must be slim fit trousers or chinos-style. I hate wearing skin tight clothes: My tip is let your boys breathe. In this case I’m not picky with the style or fabrics, I just keep my self away from thick ones. That would literally be the death of you in this heat! At the moment I’m obsessed with vertical stripes and high waisted pants mainly because they make you look taller. And who doesn’t love that?!

For shoes I look for breathable and comfy loafers. I highly recommend Stacy Adams or Ted Baker. Those are my go-to shoe brands during the season.

I believe that Accessories only help to elevate your look. Throwing on a pair of sunglasses is a staple in my looks. I go for gold and round ones like you see in the images. The gold makes my skin look tan and amazing and the shape works perfectly with the shape of my face.

Now that I have broken down my summer attire I hope you dare to try a new style this season and step up just a bit!

How I like to describe my style:

I’m always been inspired by the Italians, their style is always classic, elegant, clean, and they like to look expensive. In my case I love that but also hate waisting money on expensive clothes. You can look exactly like that without drying your wallet out. Stores like Zara, Topman, J. Crew, and Ted Baker have amazing affordable pieces. I cannot forget to mention that I love their Mid-Season Sales. That’s when I go broke hahahaha!


All of those brands currently have sales... so go find something cool, step up your game, and go meet a girl or boy that you’ve been crushing on. :-)


Hope you guys enjoy this, see you in the next one.