Welcome back to my blog. For today’s blog post I’ve partnered up with the Italian lifestyle sportswear brand (ellesse). Just this past Fall, this brand made their re-entry into the North American market with a special Fall 2018 release. Their first collection includes footwear and apparel styles for both women and men. The collection offers a retro feel with bold branding, color-blocking, and chunky soles on their sneakers. This collection fits perfectly with today’s trends. You can find the collection at Extra Butter, Concepts, Nice Kicks, Urban Outfitters, Foot Locker, and more.


Now that I’ve introduced to you this amazing brand, it’s now time for me to showcase how to style their trendy and comfy pieces.
For my first look, I’ve chosen the Gerano jacket in blue, Avico pants in red (need it to spice up your look) and the Piacentino 2.0 sneakers in black. For this first look I wanted a full ellense look (head to toe) simple and easy. This look is for the person who’s in a rush to go to the gym or the person who wants to look stylish while grabbing their morning coffee. Did I forget to mention that this can also be a great look for someone who’s wanting to go on a simple walk with a friend? And if the weather is too cold, just throw on a shearling denim jacket. I call that style!

IMG_2372 copy.jpg

For my second look I wanted to achieve a more sporty casual look that would be perfect to wear at a Yankees game or for going to a museum. For this one I grabbed my favorite pair of denim jeans with a Gerano Jacket in blue and the Piacentino 2.0 white sneakers. I tried to keep it simple and clean. By the way, this the perfect look for the gents who wants a bit of discretion with their style.

IMG_2404 copy.jpg

It is my hope that this simple guide to stylish sportswear helps you to achieve a more sharper look that is still on the casual side. Some of you might be wondering why this style guide? My answer is simple. I have a variety of styles that I love and this is one of them. Remember, not everything has to be suits and ties. When I’m running errands or meeting friends for coffee, this is what I wear. It’s simple. It’s clean. It’s comfortable. And it’s stylish!

Hope you enjoy this guide and don’t forget to check ellense’s Instagram.
Until next time, Martin!

IMG_2467 copy.jpg
IMG_2506 copy.jpg