Hi guys!, Here’s my recap for Day 4 #NYFWM. It was the last day and honestly the most chill day of the week, at least for me. I didn’t have to attend a lot of shows but still found myself waking up early for BODE’s presentation.

After the presentation, I left the Skylight Clarkson (a frequent venue for many of the week’s shows) and I headed to the Upper East Side to pick up a present from my friends of Fratelli Rosseti. After that I went to Cadillac House to attend the Represent show, followed by a visit back to the Skylight Clarkson where I checked out General Idea & Thaddeus O’ Neil. 

Sounds like a lot? It really wasn’t that bad. Trust me. These were the only shows I had to attend. 

To celebrate the end of a great week, BODE threw an amazing after-party at the Edition Hotel. After the party I went and had dinner at Eataly Flatiron. 

For the final day of #NYFWM I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to be dressed by Bar III in a Midnight BLUE 3-piece suit. It really made me look sharp and dapper. People literally loved the look. I was featured in the NEW YORK TIMES and IMPRESSION MAGAZINE as one of the best dressed for the week. It’s a huge honor and I’m honestly still taken back by it. 

Hope you guys enjoy it! Best, Martin!

Image by Hasani Arnolds