Surviving the Winter in New York is extremely tough. While this may be my second year in the city, I still haven’t gotten used to this weather. It is horrible. From the abundance of snow to the endless amount of rain, it seems I just can’t catch a break. To top things off, it’s as if Mother Nature is against me, because the temperature has been consistently low with hardly any sunshine. It’s seriously all about wearing tons of layers and drinking coffee. Two things I love to do. This past Saturday, the winter storm brought about 5 inches of snow, but that didn’t stop me from working. I had a photo-shoot, did some editing, replied to some emails, and even went to an event that night. 

Nowadays, I’ve noticed that the excuse to be lazy is ever so present because many use weather as a means to stay home, stay warm, and watch TV. In my case, I use this time to better myself and stay busy. I’m a firm believer in the quote “Never not working”. I’m always on the hunt trying to find something new to get into; whether it’s creating new content or just the idea of staying active, I have to keep busy. 

I’m not dissing those of you who do choose to stay indoors and keep warm. I feel you, believe me! All I’m saying is that when you’ve got a goal, you mustn’t stop till you reach that goal and even once you’ve reached that goal in mind, you should always continue. There’s no excuse, even if it’s snowing, raining, and your butt is freezing, you’ve got to keep moving. 

In the pictures I’ve posted, I’m wearing a monochromatic look paired with my go-to piece for the winter this season – an overcoat. I mean, lets face it, there’s nothing better than keeping yourself warm while looking stylish. 

Best, Martin!