My Living Room

Hi all, 

Today on the blog I have something special for you guys. It took a long time to plan but we’ve finally executed it and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a complete living room makeover. I collaborated with a renown brand - Structube. A Canadian leading retailer of contemporary and modern home furniture with over 55 locations all around Canada, that also ships all across North America.

I’ve always been a picky person. However, when it comes to interior design I’m the worst because there is just too many styles to choose from. I was fortunate enough when Structube reached out to me because they gave me that little kick I needed to make the decision and start designing. I was able to choose a new sofa from their newest Leather Collection which is inspired by Mid-Century minimalism. Ironically this fits my own aesthetics which makes this even more killer!

For my living room I went for a 60’s vibe while still adding my own personal style. I love to read and i always keep books and magazines around. I’m the kind of person who can spend all day reading, writing, listening to peaceful piano music altogether with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. My favorite colors are black and grey with just a small touch of light brown. I needed my living room to be the most cozy that it can possibly be. As you see in the picture I tried to create a design that was aesthetically pleasing but functional for all my necessities.

Now, let’s talk about the sofa - which I’m obsessed with because it is super comfy! It almost feels like I’m in bed and it’s super functional. You can remove all the pillows if you want and just pass out! The leather is extremely soft as well! If you are looking for a new sofa, Structube is the right place. The variety of styles, colors, and sizes is so impressive. Dare I say they’re the interior designers’ heaven!!!  I hope you like this introduction to Structube and their amazing designs. They’ve become my to-go online store for home furniture.

Graphic Wall Art Hanging DIY is inspired by Troy Dean Shafer @nashvilleflipped. You can find a tutorial by Drew Scott @imdrewscott on his YouTube Channel. The link is down below.

And remember…. Always be inspired but never copy from anyone.


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IMG_6091 copy.jpg

Sofa Description:


100% leather 3-seater sofa

Inspired by the minimalism of mid-century modern design, Kinsey is cubic in shape, and generous in size with plenty of room for company on its extra-wide, comfortable seats. The smooth, sleek contemporary styling in gorgeous full-grain leather introduces form and function into the heart of your home, melding together with eclectic décor styles. This is a central piece that epitomizes understated elegance and sets the mood for kicking back and relaxing, or entertaining in high style.

Click the link down below to shop Structure latest leather collection: