First of all I want to apologize for taking forever to get you guys new content on the blog. I know it’s been over of a month but welcome back to a newly re-designed blog. I think It was time for a change since last month it was my second anniversary on this amazing journey, that everyone calls it blogging. For me, however it has been more than that. Being in this business has thought me so much. I’m more confident with who I am. I have made so many good friends and I’m so happy because I don’t know how they handle all my craziness but they stick around. God knows how much I appreciate their friendship. I also learned so much about negotiations, how to read a contracts, etc. I could talk a lot about business but that’s not the purpose of today’s post.

Today I’m celebrating that I’m able to do something that I love a lot: Fashion, Photography, Editing, and Modeling. Thanks to my passion and for your affection I get to work and experience things that I never could have the chance to do. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR KEEPING UP WITH ME FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS. I hope this is just a beginning to something bigger. 

Last month I took a break to enjoy myself and I got to celebrate another year of life. And all I wanted for my birthday was LOVE, LAUGHS AND FAMILY. So I made some of closest cousins go away for a weekend Upstate, NY. There I was able to pamper them with Italian homemade food and cocktails. The only rule was to enjoy ourselves and to laugh as much as we could. All I have to say April was all I wanted. I’m so happy with how everything turned out. To this point all I have to say that I have a peace of mind and I happy with how my life is going.

A few things are changing in the next couple months but I’m so excited to see how everything goes.

For today's post I only wanted to write something short. I just had to let you guys know how much your love means to me.


Until next time, Martin.