Hi guys,

I know it’s been a while. I haven’t been posting much and a few of you have been asking, “Why did I stop writing?” To be honest, I haven’t had much time. That’s it! Of course I love to write about my favorite clothes, shops, tips, my personal life, etc. It’s just that lately I barely have time for myself. I’m so blessed to be working with some of my favorite brands, attending really exclusive events (I literally get to see and try things that won’t even be out until later that year); I mean these are the perks of being a blogger. However, with all of this come a big responsibility. I have to find ways to keep creating content that keeps you guys inspired and also for the brands that I work with. 


So, let’s actually dive into what a week usually looks like for me: I’m currently working in my family’s business four days out of the week from 7-6pm. My only break is lunch, and I have only an hour to edit content, reply emails, eat, etc. After work I run home to get ready for events. These can range from events with like GQ Magazine, private dinners, launches, or random events that I think it will ultimately work for my brand. I’m trying not to go to everything I get invited to because I get so tired from work that sometimes I just want to go home order-in food and go to bed at 9pm!


I’m free Saturday to Monday: On Saturdays I get to sleep in until 9am I then schedule for all of the things I have to get done for my Sunday (usually shoots). I have a weekly dinner with my family because it is the only day I have enough time to catch up with them, and on Saturday night I go for a drink or two with a friend and come back home to rest and go sleep at 9:30pm because I like to look fresh for my photoshoots the next day. Sundays I wake up around 7am and I pack everything I have to shoot for the week and I shoot almost all day and usually end my day meeting one of my friends for drinks or dinner. Monday’s tend to be the busiest day out of my week because I edit all morning long. I try to have all my business meetings and if I can, I try to arrange any shoots/campaigns for a brand as well! 


Now that’s out of the way, I hope you guys understand why I haven’t been that active on my blog. Of course, I’m not complaining. I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time and I am grateful or all my opportunities... There’s few changes coming soon in my life, one is that I will be to be blogging full time and from there I’ll be creating new and better content. Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing my current favorites, my latest skin care routine, a holiday gift guide for men and women, etc.


Much Love,