Hi guys! Welcome back, I know it’s been a while since the last time I posted something. Life has been a bit crazy with work and personal. I KNOW I may sound like a broken record but is true.
This post is dedicated to my collaboration with Massimo Dutti called #DressedinDutti. I just want to share some thoughts of my experience working with this amazing brand and to also introduce it to some of you, who might not be familiar with the brand. 

Massimo Dutti

From the high sophistication of personal tailoring line to the comfortable fit and timeless style of more casual and relaxed pieces, Massimo Dutti epitomises a natural elegance that appeals to the urbane, independent and cosmopolitan men and women of today.

The Massimo Dutti brand first joined Inditex in 1991, having been founded six years earlier as a men’s fashion label. The women’s range was launched in 1995, and applied the brand’s characteristic sense of refinement and emphasis on quality fabrics to all dimensions of its collections. This formula was then further extended in 2003 with the arrival of Massimo Dutti Boys & Girls, offering high-end children’s fashion carefully chosen for its beauty, comfort and adaptability to every moment of their lives. In line with its social commitment, Massimo Dutti has, since 2001, been proud to be working closely with mental health and disability charities specialising in social rehabilitation and professional work placement programmes for individuals with severe mental disorders or physical disabilities. Massimo Dutti was the first Inditex brand to be part of our 'for&from' programme and now has three stores in Spain managed by and providing long-term employment for people with disabilities: Allariz (Ourense), Llagostera (Barcelona) and Igualada (Barcelona). Massimo Dutti is not a real person, but a trademark. Despite the Italian name, it is a Spanish company.

Know that you know a bit more about the brand’s history you can understand why I immediately I agreed to work with them. I can go on and on with many reasons why I did it, for example I admire a lot a brand, when they make the compromise of helping those on need. I love how the brand is the epitome of elegance that can appeal to the urbane. You can find pieces for everyone in your family. And all of their pieces are high quality, you would never be disappointed. 

While working with them it a total pleasure, they gave me total freedom to choose and create content. My style was a total match with the brand. It was hard to make it work. 
With all respect and love I can it was a great pleasure to work with this amazing brand. I hope you can see why I’m talking with so much love to the brand and get it to know better. 



Talk soon!