Looking for a new coffee shop to visit?

You most definitely should check out Butler BakeShop in Williamsburg. This place has seriously become one of my favorite places in NYC. The aesthetics are beautifully mixed with a cross of industrial design and an old Parisian coffee shop. If you're looking for a place worthy enough to take pictures for Instagram, the Butler is your place! Their coffee art is on point and their pastries are not only great to look at but great to eat. Lastly, with the owner in the shop to run the business, service is always great. Now that's a real perk! 

My Favorites: Morning Glory Muffin & Herb with a Chili Scone. Also a big cup of Cappuccino. 

Here's something cool: The owners of the Butler aren't your regular guys! The kitchen is led by the Michelin starred pastry chef, Ryan Butler. Ryan is backed by his two co-founders; industry veteran, Rod Coligado and ex-ad-man turned hospitality guy, Hugo Murray.

Alright, enough talk! It's time for you to go and check out this amazing place for yourself! 

I've made things easier for you, I've listed all the information for the place below. 

Enjoy, Martin.

Image by JESS NASH

Image by JESS NASH



95 South 5th Street
at Berry Street.
Brooklyn, NY 11249


7am–5pm Mon-Fri

8am-5pm Sat-Sun