A Day At The Beach

A Day At The Beach

As June has arrived and soon it will be summer. New Yorkers start it to getting the sunscreens ready. Here in New York we love a good sunny day to go tan at the park or we easily head to Montauk, New York. to enjoy a day at the beach. Or unless, you’re taking  your vacations around this time of the year too somewhere in the tropicals.

This year I’ve made the promise to visit the beach more often since the last time I was there it was two years ago. I love being super tan during this summer time because some how you healthier. I love doing it the old fashion way, with a good tan lotion and 60+ sunscreen because you don’t wan to get sunburned, that’s a nightmare!

My routine to not get sunburn is by applying sunscreen early morning of the day you’re going to the beach. So you can have a layer of protection before you head over. Once I’m there I like to apply the tanning oil with 25 SPF. You need to protect your skin all the time. I only like to keep the tanning oil for a period of 30 minutes per each side of the body, meaning I lay down on my back first and the I turn my body to the other side. Five minutes before the 30 minutes are about to end I go straight up for a swim for like 10 minutes. After that I reapply the sunscreen head to toe and keep reapplying every 80 minutes. Once the day is over and I’d take a shower and apply aftersun aloe vera moisturizing gel to all the area exposed to the sun, its so refreshing.

This might not be the right way to get a tan but this has been working for me for the last few years, I haven’t had a sunburn or any kind a problem related with my skin, since I started using this method has help me to get a pretty decent tan. Also, I get many compliments of my friends when they see my tan.

As always it’s recommended not expose yourself for long periods under the sun to prevent damages on your skin. If you are like me who enjoy a good day at the beach or get tan at the park. Always prepare your skin and use the highest sunscreen you can. 
And I’d like to recommend for you to visit a Dermatologist once in a while to have your skin check up and give it some love. 

The images are from a quick getaway to Montauk for Memorial Day weekend, full on look it was provided by my lovely friends at French Connection US. I will link them down below with some tan lotions and sunscreens recommendations. 

Thank you for your time.


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